Information on Custom Work.  To be read.

Information on Custom Work. To be read.

Information to be read by those wishing to have custom work done.

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So, you would like some custom work done? Fantastic!

To ensure you & I have a smooth & successful collaboration plus clear & pleasant communication, I need you to have a general understanding of the process & parameters under which I work. These can be summarised as follows:


  1. Dyeing is an organic process. The colours used will rarely 100% match your envisioned colour but will be as close as I can possibly achieve at any given time. The colours ’move n groove’ in unpredictable ways e.g. There may be colour overlay, colours in other areas & special patterns. These are natural occurrences in my unique, organic process.

  2. Be clear about what you want. Because I am not a mind reader I require a visual image/sketch of your exact requirements. A verbal description is not enough.

  3. Discuss & ask questions. I am happy to discuss all aspects of your requirements eg. How fabric types & weights affect the end product.

  4. I am an artist not a machine. I interpret the pieces from your information plus the organic dyeing process & my intuitive creativity at the time. If you want pieces that are all exactly the same, please go elsewhere. There are plenty of cheap ,unimaginative imitations from exploitative factories that you can buy. (*)

  5. Read & re-read all my documentation. All my information is available to you online. I will continue to provide you with updates on the progress of your commission via emails. These emails constitute a written file from which I work. Because I am a visual person they also more successfully impart the visual facts I need to produce your piece/s. (NB) Of course, written letters supplying your information are also acceptable.

  6. DO not haggle or complain about the price. This is not a souk. It is a luxury product based on very specific knowledge. A professional service for professional rates. See (*) above.
  7. Order your pieces as far ahead of time as possible. I work on a first-come-first served basis. Occasionally it may be possible - with the agreement of other clients whose urgency for their commissions is not great - to rearrange my schedule so I can create your order ahead of theirs. This will, however, incur a 50% surcharge. Often, it will not be possible.
    {FYI - I have been personally involved in the dance industry for over the past ten years so have an excellent understanding of all its various aspects – in particular the importance of costume & pre-performance rehearsal with props (thus my business direction). I also understand the importance of getting orders placed on or ahead of time to ensure a relaxed performance - by you when on stage & me in my workshop}.  

  8. There are NO REFUNDS on custom work. A custom piece has been made specifically for your needs. It is your responsibility to on-sell it if you have changed your mind.  

  9. There is a NO RETURNS policy unless the product has been damaged in transit. If this is the case, two weeks is allowed from the time of receipt by you until the piece is returned to me at your cost.

Understand, dear client, that I am a real human being who works long, hard hours to create your beautiful pieces. I am committed to making these silk creations to the highest-quality possible for you. Working with me to the above guidelines makes it so much easier for us all.


The form to be downloaded and filled out is located above in the download tab.

Thanks for your understanding. I look forward to working with you. Peta