Baby Wraps

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This silk baby wrap is stocked in our 112 x 112 cm square. Each Silk is hand dyed with our natural dyes and hand hemmed for a beautiful finish.

Silk baby wraps nourish your babies growing senses. Silk is the strongest of natural fibres.It is breathable, naturally hypoallergenic, absorbs moisture, reduces humidity, is surprisingly cool in the summer, and remarkably warm in the winter. The hugging effect eliminates any cold spots so your baby will get warm faster and stay warm. The best part of the hugging effect of silk is that our little ones feel more secure and safe, which helps them sleep better. Silk is naturally fire-retardant, making it a very safe bedding material for children. Our Baby Wraps are easy to care for.Simply machine wash on delicate cycle, gentle tumble dry, cool iron. If you use steam, iron swiftly so as not to burn the silk. Hand wash on gentle cycle, then hang to dry. We use low impact dyes on all our hand-dyed silks, and they have been treated for maximum colour retention, for long lasting vibrant colour.

We do offer Silk Squares in a number of sizing