Choose Your Colour - New Pillow Cases!!

New Improved Pillowcases!!

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$39.00 tax incl.

Pick your colour style!  In the comments line of your shopping cart let me know what colour you wish your pillowcases to be.

I am very proud to bring to you my new line of pillowcases.  These 19mm Silk Charmeuse Pillowcases are exquisite, they have a 5cm border surrounding the pillow casing which give it an elegant appearance on your bed.  These cases have a back opening allowing your pillow to be solidly enclosed within the case with no crumpling down one end. 

Being so fussy on my silk products it took me a long time to source just the right pillowcases that I want to share with the world.  I know you will love these as much as I.  They are hey are heavenly to sleep on giving you the ultimate sleeping experience.

Silk is well known for its natural strength and beauty and by sleeping with silk you benefit from its many wonderfull attributes. In addition to the ultimate nights sleep, hair experts throughout the world recommend sleeping on silk as it is filled with amino acids similar to those found in human hair which are beneficial to treated or damaged hair as you rest. Silk has less friction meaning less pulls and fewer tangles in hair.

Personally, since sleeping on these gorgeous cases I have not once woken with those horrid crinkles from sleeping in the one place for too long, rather I wake with smooth morning skin.

Importantly also, silk is hypoallergenic