Pinks Canopy

Availability : Please contact for ETA (2-4 weeks)

$300.00 tax incl.

This Silk Canopy is made to order from Italian designer crinkle Silk Chiffon.  Being made specifically for you makes them a very special edition to your home.

Each canopy is made from 100% silk.  The walls are constructed from beautiful silk falling 2.13m, the roof - habutai.  The bottom hems are edged with silk ribbon.  Internal seams have silk ribbons sewn within allowing you to have the walls of the canopy either on the floor or raised off and above.  Silk ties also allow you to tie the walls back if preferred.  The top of the walls are surrounded by a silk garland in matching colours either with or without silk flowers or shapes as embellishments.

These canopies will allow your young ones a creative, colourful and inspiring playspace, or will give you a colourful place to think, dream and just BE!