Rainbow Canopy

Rainbow Canopy 112x274cm

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$75.00 tax incl.

“As I followed the path through my garden I was magically taken into another world, lands with blue rivers of silk and with skies of rainbows and sunsets…”

These jumbo silks make the perfect sanctuary for your children, letting them go to the faraway lands their imagination begs them to travel to. The soft flowing silk creates wonderful worlds where they can happily play under a rainbow, sunset, or in a jungle or water-world, or even use the forest or earth- coloured canopies to emulate natural environments. Rainbow canopies are beloved to children because a rainbow offers possibilities of magic lands within their realm. Order multiple canopies and not only does your child have the sky to play under, but water to swim in or grass to run on. Hang a canopy over a grouping of play stands or simply using chairs to create a magical palace or fort. Hang from bunk beds to create curtains, or fashion a puppet theatre with whatever props are at hand.

These Canopies measure 112cm x 274cm. Other sizes can be arranged to suit your needs, please contact us for pricing and delivery time.

For adults, these large silks make vibrant eye-catching marquees under which to relax or use at markets.

NB: Wooden Playstand not included.