Dark Orange Play Silk

55cm square Play Silk

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$11.00 tax incl.

This silk is stocked in our 55 x 55 cm square. Each Silk is hand dyed with our natural dyes and hand hemmed for a beautiful finish.

With an inspiring palette of playsilks, children will spend many hours exploring their limitless imaginations.... becoming the whim of their imagination. Different sized silks fulfil different purposes.Toddlers love to play with these colourful playsilks with the smaller sizes being more manageable for little hands, while older children can use them endlessly for dress up and costumes, for dancing around the room, for a naptime blanket, as a sling for a cherished baby doll. Your child transforms to be a butterfly, a pirate, a princess, a wizard, or fairy.

Our playsilks are beautiful, soft 8mm habutai silk, with hand-rolled hems.